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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My trip to Florida

On April 2011, I was going to Florida. Me and Dass, my robot packed up all the stuff that I needed. I left Daas at home or he might do something bad at the airport. Then I drove to Shreveport Regional Airport. First I got my boarding pass. Next I had to pass through the security check. Then I had to find my gate, B3. The last part is the hardest part, I had to wait for my flight. When my flight came, everyone gave their boarding passes to a crew member of the airport. I went inside the airplane, put my baggage on top of the seats and sat on seat number 19A. We put over seat belts. Then the airplane made a loud noise, then it rumbled then ran on the runaway and flew in the air. After an hour I went to hot state Florida.

We landed in Destin airport and rented a car. Then I went to a new house at building D. I unpacked everything and put on my swimming suit and went to a beach in Destin. I played in the waves most of the time. To my surprise all the sand on that beach is white. I wanted to stay here forever, but when evening came, the water got colder , the waves got bigger and the current got stronger. When they got too much stronger and bigger, so I returned home. Then I took a bath so all the white sand will get off. I went to a little Florida festival, there they sang and did dance. I also saw them catch some fish. Those fish were almost one yard big!

Then I felt hungry so I went to eat dinner at a fancy Japanese Restaurant, there I learned how to eat with chop sticks! I was so tired so I went home to Building D, and slept for the night. I slept on a bunk bed, it is two beds, one stacked on top of another.

The next day I ate my breakfast and went to another beach called Pensacola. Most of the waves were very strong, so red flag was flying. And they let people go just a few feet from shore. So it was very boring. I thought I would eat lunch at native restaurant. they took a long time to cook the food. Everyone was starving and hungry, Then they finally gave my food one hour later. When I finished eating it was 2.00pm but the air felt good and warm, So I wanted to swim again. I went to Pensacola Bay, there the water was so calm. It was very good for swimming. I found some shells and I took pictures of them. But I only took the best, the rarest and the one that no marine creatures lived in. Then we went to a restaurent called KFC. The food was very good there and it came fast. Then we drove back to home.

It was day 3. I woke up and ate my breakfast. This was another beach called Miami beach. It is in the other part of Florida. I went to that beach but the current was very strong. But it was very fun and more fun when you run with the waves. I swam there for a long time. I found more sea shells under water. Little children were running away with the waves. Big kids like me were swimming in the waves. Grown ups were para-skiing in the waves. Every one was playing in the waves. I tried to swim there, but it splashed me over. I also dived and found some sea shells too.

Then I ate lunch at MacDonald Restaurant. With the food they gave me a free toy. Those toys are useful, playful, and last very long. Then when I was on the way home, I spotted a fun fair. I was bit attracted to it, but I knew I had to go home. The sign by it said, If you pay 1$, you could go to one place how many times you want. Now I was very much attracted to it. this was the cheapest ride I have ever seen. But first I want to go to a ride by the street. Each ride is 1 ticket which cost 1$. You can only go one time at the rides by the street. I brought 3 tickets and got 1 free. I spent 1 ticket on the ferries wheel, 1 on the merry go round and two on twist a twist, it was just like a merry go round. But double dizzier. Then I wanted to go to the one which was by the street. The ride you could go again and again. I played there for a long time until I got tired and hungry. So I went to Johnny's Pizza. There a pizza was very good and yummy. Then I went home.

Soon it was Day 4. We went to another beach which was very boring. The water was very still, and it did not have any salt.  It was very hard to float. So I stayed for a short time.  Then I went home and packed up to go to my home.  At the same day 4, I went to Florida's airport. So I got boarding passes, checked out my luggages,  found my terminal number, and waited for my flight to arrive. Soon it arrived. I went inside, it started to rumble, and it took off! Now I was on my way to home. The ride was one hour, but after some time we felt turbulence and every one was scared.   It was over an hour, the pilot said into the speaker,  "It is unable to land in this place because of a tornado", So we will be landing at Dallas. Every one on board was dismayed. Now it was late night, everyone was sleepy and very tired.  They kept us in the flight for 2 hours, no one knew why?  We went off the airplane.  All the on board passengers, who are off, went into four buses.

We were carried to a hotel called Ramada. It was very fancy there.  We stayed there for the rest of the night. I ate my dinner at the restaurant called WhatABurger at 1 o' clock in the night. The food was very good there. May be thats why they call it What A Burger! When it was day we all were carried to Dallas's airport  and we flew to our home.  On the way we saw a beautiful cloud, which looked like gold.  Every one looked at the cloud and took pictures of it. I got a bird in my picture.  Soon we were at our airport.  From the airport I went home and thought about all the passengers, and all the beaches we went.  But was it because of golden egg which made the tornado, or did it happen naturally? I did not know. When I went home my robot Daas who was turned off had no change happened in my house. That was my trip to Florida.

                                           The End.

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