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Did you like the stories I wrote. My first story was My Robot. So far I have written 10 stories, it took me two years to write all these stories(from 2009 to 2011). I like writing all the stories especially fiction ones. All you have to do is, to write fiction story is really on your imagination. To write Nonfiction is one which has really happened. I take four steps for writing process which 1.Prewrite, 2. Draft, 3.edit, 4.Publish. Have fun reading the next stories. Please visit to read and give comments.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Very Hot Volcano

It was a very very sunny day. I was sitting in a chair watching TV. As the car was so hot,
my robot was frying an egg on the car for small animals. But I did not care. That car is old and it is not mine. Then my robot took the magic egg and boiled it. I did not see him. After a minute or two the ground began to tremble, the air felt hot and still and I heard a loud "ROAR". I turned off the TV. I went out to see what happened. First I looked at my neighbors houses, next I looked at the other houses. Then I looked at the factories beyond them, every thing was OK.... but the mountains after them looked different. Each one had a red top. They looked like volcanoes. Yes! They were!! They were volcanoes!!!

I did not know what to do. But before I could take a step, a lava boiling meteor hit one of my neighbor's house. That was when I remembered the magic egg and it was still frying on the car!! But my robot lifted me up and threw me! I went over the clouds and fell on a bed in a house where the roof had collapsed. I had no idea why he did that but I know I have to save the city. So I ran past the collapsing roofs. Then I came to the river Koopa Kape.... the ground shook, the bridge almost going to collapse. So I was thinking to swim through the river. But when I looked at the river there was no water. There was a hot lava. I looked at the bridge . It was almost going to fall.

I saw my robot, what was he doing around here? It was coming right toward me. Now the ground shook so hard and the bridge fell down. More meteors were coming. Then my robot made his feet long that it went across the Koopa Kape. I knew what it meant. I have to balance on the thin iron legs. But that is not all he did to me. He also gave me some balloons, the same balloons he did on the robot show.I walked on the iron legs. It was very hard and the falling meteors made it harder. Now I was half way there and again the ground shook. My robot lifted me and threw me again. But before you could blink your eyes, my robot took my bed and put it in the yard. I fell on the bed, I did not get hurt.

Then My robot was about to cut that egg in half! But I took that egg just in time, because I know what happened if my robot did that. The World will cut in half. Now I put it in the freezer. After a minute it started snowing. I let it snow for a long time. Because it takes a lot of snow to cool lava and meteors. But when I opened the door all the snow swooshed in!! I made it for a long time, now took the magic egg and threw it in the cup of water and put it near the heater. Now it was hot and raining but Koopa Kape's water level started to rise. That can cause a flood!!

There were no fire. I thought I could stop the rain and I did. I put the golden egg near the light. Then the rain stopped the sun shinned and a bright rainbow crossed the sky. I also did find out why my robot threw things around. Because of a loose wire. I was lucky that my house did not get distroyed. And once again it was a sunny day at my city.

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  1. Dear Taran,
    your imagination is touching the wonderful.keep it up.