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Did you like the stories I wrote. My first story was My Robot. So far I have written 10 stories, it took me two years to write all these stories(from 2009 to 2011). I like writing all the stories especially fiction ones. All you have to do is, to write fiction story is really on your imagination. To write Nonfiction is one which has really happened. I take four steps for writing process which 1.Prewrite, 2. Draft, 3.edit, 4.Publish. Have fun reading the next stories. Please visit to read and give comments.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowy day

Today was a boring day. It was raining outside. I could not play my ball, toy car or bouncy ball, so I just sat in a couch doing absolutely nothing except watching the rain pattered on my front lawn. But what about the magic egg? I have forgot all about it. I went to look for it. It was not under the table. It was not in the little box. It was not in the sock drawer or inside the socks. I look inside the cup of water. There was a egg.

The cup of water was on the top of the freezer. After a second or two, my robot came. It ran straight into me. When I got the magic egg, my robot bumped into me and the egg flew out of my hand and it hit the cup of water. Then the water spilled on the rim of the freezer, and the cup hit the refrigerator, so it opened and the magic egg fell in the freezer and it got closed. Now I could not open the freezer because the water around the rim of it froze. So when I looked out it was snowing in the summer!!

This is better than rain !!! I got dressed in winter clothes and headed out the door. As I started to make snowman, I did not notice that my robot kept the very very low temperature in the freezer. I was enjoying playing in the snow. Exactly after 32 minits the snow turned into blizzard! I could not see anything except white snow. I went low to the ground and I could see something black. It was the door mat, so I found my way to my home. I went inside and shut the door with four locks.
I took a very sharp knife and carved it around the rim of the freezer and opened it. As fast as I can I put the magic egg under battery heater, so it will heat up. All the snow melted and it was not absolutely boring day. So I rode my bike, my robot chase the butterfly, and I kept the magic egg in a safe place. And nothing happened bad until tomorrow....

                                                                       THE END