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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man on the Moon

In the town of Upsville, there was a house in which I lived, which you all know.  But I am not there today.  I am visiting the N.A.S.A. airport.  Maybe it is Space center. I will just call it Space Port.  Ha ha ha ha!  Now as I got to enter the space plane, I saw a big control panel.  When I looked out the windows I saw a long, one acere solar panels, and there were wires, wires and more, more wires.  Then we saw a rocket launch from earth in real life!  Every one was watching.  My robot, Daas was taking a video of it.  We saw the astronauts get in to the space plane.  Suddenly the space plane took off!

Tons of smoke floded in the air.  I had no idea why they were clapping their hands.  I really wanted to fly.  It sounded fun.  Daas thought that was fun too, so he went on to the launching field and transformed into a rocket and suddenly I was pushed into the rocket.  I will rather call it shoved.  Then our rocket launched of ground.  Everyone was watching.  The rocket was going so fast.  It got colder and colder and it suddenly felt hot and it felt nothing.

My robot gave me a astronaut suit.  It felt funny in this thing.  Not the " Ha Ha" funny but the "Hmmmmm" funny. I wanted to look out the window. So I took of my seat belt, and I was floating which means I was in the zero gravity zone.  It was hard to move when I was floating around the air.  I did like this silly astronaut suit.  Then all the sound was off.  The rocket landed on something.  It landed on MOON!

I was very excited and I rushed out to explore.  When I jumped off the rocket, I went higher and higher.  Soon almost 8 seconds later, I finally touched the moon surface.  At the time my rocket turned in to Daas again.  He was wearing an astronaut suit like me but with a golden helmet.  I was collecting moon dust and other things which are not able to be found on earth.

Then I found something it was foot prints from an other astronaut.  It launched in to the sky.  May be it was those NASA astronauts.  As I followed that tracks then I found a small figure heading towards me.  I thought it was alien. I ran away from the shadow, but it was still coming close to me.  Finally, I realized that they were astronauts not aliens.  He said something, but I could not hear him.  So he connected his radio with me.  Now I could communicate  with him.  He introduced him and everyone.

Like the moon rises from the earth, the earth rose from the moon.  Soon I noticed something looking golden and shiny. I asked one of the space man what it was, then he stared mouth open at the shiny thing.  Then I asked some one else, and every one was starring with mouth open. What was their problem?

Finally one spoke, "we found it!" and everyone rushed to that spot.

   I did not know why?, but I ran with them.   "Why are you getting that golden thing?" I asked.

  "One scientist looked through a telescope and found out something golden in the moon, so they sent us to get it.  Now our mission is accomplished"! a astronaut spoke.

   I was the first one to reach it.  Someone guessed it was gold.  Another guessed it was a special kind of moon dust.  There were a bunch of more guesses....until I said, "Lets just show to the scientist.  They could find out what it is.  May be one of your guesses will be right". We took as much as those shiny things as we can.

Now we can go to our home planet and we did.  We launched our rockets, found the spot on  earth were the NASA spaceport is, and we landed.  Now things were normal.  The silly suit I wore was gone, and huge rocket turned back into Daas. I took my bag which was filled with gold and Daas followed me.  As I got out, I was standing on a red carpet.

A lemozine and a crowd were rushing to us.  I had a feeling that Daas won a robot competition.  But while I was thinking about that a crowd took me and some other astronauts.  Others went in the lemozime, it wasn't long till they droped at my house.  I was soooo tired.  I wanted to watch some TV, putting my legs up on a chair.  But I turned on it.  It said Astronauts returned from the moon....Successfully!  Wow!  Daas turned small a adventure into a moon trip and made us famous.  May be I can find what else he can do in the next stories. 

The End.