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Did you like the stories I wrote. My first story was My Robot. So far I have written 10 stories, it took me two years to write all these stories(from 2009 to 2011). I like writing all the stories especially fiction ones. All you have to do is, to write fiction story is really on your imagination. To write Nonfiction is one which has really happened. I take four steps for writing process which 1.Prewrite, 2. Draft, 3.edit, 4.Publish. Have fun reading the next stories. Please visit to read and give comments.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magic Egg

One day it was a windy morning. I was riding my toy car and my robot was chasing a butterfly... at that time there was a Loud crash !! I looked around...but every thing was fine. Then there was another "Crash"! At first I thought the neighbors were doing something crazy , but instead they shouted at each other and said what is that noise? Then it started to rain. Me, my robot and the other neighbors ran inside. My robot and I went in to the house and shut the door. Then I saw the golden egg. It was in a cup filled with water.

I took out the golden egg and put it under light. But when I looked at the window, the sun was shinning and the people wearing rain coats went inside their houses and came back with T-shirts. There was a rainbow in the sky.

I thought and thought.... Now I am shaking the egg. But when I shacked it, the earth started to rumble and the trees started to fall. All the house roofs started to collapse. It was a earth quake!! Then I held it still. The earth quake stopped.

I thought for a moment, if the egg was in water it rained. If it was in light, the sun shinned and when I shook it, the ground started shaking. So may be I can control the weather. I could do anything I want. Like putting the golden egg into the freezer when I want to make a snowman. I thought about all the wonderful things I could do about whether that the golden egg slipped out off my hand. It rolled over to my robot. It got distracted by the egg. He thought it was a top and spun it around. Then it started to breeze. At that time I saw something in the distance, It was a black funnel. But that was not a funnel, that was a Tornado! The wind was so strong that it swooped my robot in to the air! I tried to catch the golden egg but too late.

Everyone had noticed about the tornado. Everyone ran away from the tornado but I ran forward. The more I got closer, the more harder to walk in the wind. When I got closer, the wind took me in the air and I soared in to the sky. Inside the tornado, I could not see anything except dust. I started to get dizzy. As I got higher in the tornado, I got dizzier and the air got clearer that I could see my robot and the golden egg. But on that time, Oops! the tornado threw me, my robot and the golden egg into a tree. My shirt got tangled in the branches. My robot got stuck in the branches and the golden egg fell in a birds nest.

I looked at the tornado. It was destroying houses and trees. I had to get the golden egg fast. I shook my body until I got unstuck. Hurry!! I have to act fast. I took the egg in to my house and got a battery flash light and shinned on it. Finally the tornado stopped.

The sun started shining. I got my robot off the tree. As usual it was normal day again.


  1. taran,it another very good and sweet story.
    i liked the different activities,the magical egg performed(earthquake,tornado,sushine).glad u got ur robot&egg back,they are lovely characters.eager to see what will be next magical thing :)

  2. Thanks uncle. Me and my robot have to be careful with that egg.

  3. Dear Taran,
    I enjoyed to go through your 'Magic Egg' &your imagination is so wonderful .My blessings for your sincere effort .Ihope you will narrate this story toJegan.

  4. Thank you Avva. I have narrated this story to Jegan.

  5. I just can't believe that it's the same little Taran, whom we met at secunderabad, way back in 2005....My god. Fantabulous imagination, keep it up taran...
    With lots and love and best wishes