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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Robot

I made an amazing invention .... Robot...but in that invention there are lot of problems. Sometimes it jumps all around without any control and knocks everything down! It never leaves me alone. My Robot always disturbs me. It makes me do more than one thing. One day it turned on the water in the sink and the bath tub and left alone for a long long time. Then when I opened the bathroom....... Splash!! The water flooded my whole house! It flooded my bed room, my toys room, bath room, and the kitchen. I had to spend thousand dollars for cleaning all the water. Then I had no money. I did not know what to do. Now I am having only my crazy robot but my other things were flooded out.

I thought and thought and thought..... but nothing in my brain seemed right. For about four hours of thinking I finally got the answer. I have to sell that not-good robot instead of a good one. I can fix the robot but I do not have any money. So may be I will go on a treasure hunt! A treasure hunt will be fun. First I have to go to Suy-Guy beach. It is on the south side of Louisiana. We have to go three mile to get there. We have to go around the play ground, over the bridge, across the road and walk straight on the side walk till you get to shy-guy beach.

We have to find the "X" symbol, then I found something red. It was the "X"! All I have to do now was dig on the X. I finally got the treasure! The treasure was light. I took a peak inside. All there was a diamond and two bags of money. But I will get more money by selling the robot. So I took the little treasure chest and went home. On the way I went home I found some pennies on the ground. When I got home nothing happened. My robot turned itself off. If it did not it would have crushed my whole house down. It is getting dark outside better hurry. So I dug a hole and put a shinny diamond in there and filled up the hole back in.

I stuck a stick in there so I would remember that I put a diamond. After I did it, I went to the repair man's shop. It is just over the bridge and turn left. So I took my robot over the bridge but when I looked down from the bridge Koopa Cape was all dried out! Koopa Cape was a river which is two thousand miles long. When I took a close look at the dried up river, I found something shiny it was a golden egg. It was 5 inches tall. I wanted to see what was in there, so I opened the golden egg.

 Then I looked up the sky, it was dark now. But the golden egg was so shinny that lit up my way. I wanted to go to the repair shop, So I took my robot and headed that way. The repair shop is 24 hours open. When I got there, I put my golden egg in to my pocket, so now one will see it and I talked to the man with the cash register. He said to fix a robot it is 12 dollars. I looked in to my left side pocket, it was not there. I looked in to my right side pocket, and I found the golden egg.
I opened the golden egg and same 10dollars and 8 quarters were there. I gave 12 dollars and my robot to the repair man, while I waited I watched Sponge Bob movie.

It was about plankton who stole king Neptune's crown. Neptune thinks that Mr. Krabs stole it, so Spongebob goes on a quest with his best friend Patrick and find Neptune's Crown. After I watched it, my robot was ready. So I took my robot and went home. On the way I saw the mall, it was opened. It should be closed right now, I went to mall to see why it was opened. In the mall it was really crowded even at the night. Then the owner of the mall spoke in the mike, every one listened what he said. "Come to the center of the mall and see the Robot show and vote for your favorite Robot! There are 2 Robots and 2 owners. We need one more player to join. The show will start at 12 o' clock at night. " He said.

The 3rd player is going to be me. I have a Robot!!

I hurried to the center of the mall. When I got there I could not find the owner, but he found me. He tapped my shoulder and said, "It looks like you have a robot. Well, Do you want to come to the Robot Show?" I said, "Yes!" The owner took me and my robot to the stage. He told me to sit in the front chair. When I looked back there, there were more than 1000 people and they were all starring at the three robots. I was ashamed. I have not even trained my robot. After a minute or two, the robot show began. The first show was to run. The owner said the first two winners can go to the next level. That would be easy. My robot can run 40 miles per hour. But it got in second place . Other Robot can run 50 miles per hour. My robot and a first place robot can go to the second round. In the second round the robot had to jump over tall things. So both robots had to run and jump over tall stuff. This will be easy to do, i thought. My robot can jump 10 feet tall. The both robots passed everything, but the other robot could not jump over the tallest thing. My robot jumped over it! I won!

But there was one more round, the last round. If my robot lost on this round, no robots will be the winner. In this round the robot will balance on a rope. This will be hard for my robot. He could not balance on a single rope. But my robot was already on the rope. I wished it will not fall. But there were three balloons, and the owner said, "That robot blows balloons to keep it on balance!" The audience cheered wildly. My robot was a quarter way away from the finished line. I did not get sleepy. I was so excited that I forgot about my sleep. The more my robot got closer, more the people cheered, ''Go Robot! Go Robot! Go Robot!'' When the robot got to the end, every one cheered, I cheered. Even the owner cheered.

I wanted to go home, but I had to walk there. I was so tired. When I got to the exit door, I was standing on a red carpet, I saw a black car, and the car was long, and it was the biggest car I have ever seen. It was a Limousine! So I don't have to walk home. I could ride home. When I got home, my robot went ahead of me. I was afraid he is going to do something bad. So I ran home. Quick as a flash my robot fixed up everything and dried it all up. It turned itself off again. Nothing ever happened bad with my robot and it never did. And I rarely thought about selling him.

                                                                           The End.


  1. Good Job Taran!! Keep it up...

  2. Rethna comments
    gongratulations dear Tharan daas .Today only I read ur story. very glad .
    with blessings

  3. hey great..awesome tara......keep it up.your blog dragged me to robot,then diamonds gold...then to a neptune king wow.u rock man...

    lots of love
    to my chweet mambalam

  4. Thanks for reading my blog, I like your comments.

  5. Taran,
    I enjoyed very much reading your story.
    u got Excellent imagination,and great english knowledge to come with a big story like this.
    as u mentioned in your story "people cheered. Go Robot! Go Robot! Go Robot!"
    we are cheering for u "Go Taran ! Go Taran ! Go Taran" for another wonderful story.
    btw u should take us to SHY-GUY BEACH one day..
    Congralutions, ur story was a "WONDERFUL READ"

  6. Thank you so much uncle, your comment made me to feel happy. I am going to add more to my blog. I will take you and Diya baby to shy-guy beach next year. Happy valentine's day.

  7. Dear Taran,
    I enjoyed to go through your 'Magic Egg' &your imagination is so wonderful .My blessings for your sincere effort .Ihope you will narrate this story toJegan.

  8. Big story by small kid.Its amazing.
    Well done Taran

  9. hey Taran,it's your friend Drake I love your blog keep it up!

  10. I am a teacher and I enjoyed your blog! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks for reading my stories. Trying to write more..